Color Pigment-10 Color, with Mini Hand Mixer

$ 22.15

Being a makers of handmade soap products ourselves, we know what creative craftspeople demand in their art & craft supplies and have made our range of pigments to exceed your expectations;

Brilliant Color, Highest Quality, Affordability & Safety. Also we complete the set with very useful measuring and mixing supplies

Each of the 10 colors is 5 Grams of pure mica and each color is individually packaged in sturdy strong re-sealable packets.

Unlike other kits that only provide you with powders, ours comes complete with everything you see here, so you can start crafting right out of the box.

  1. Mica powders, 10 sets, 50g/1.8oz total
  2. Mini handheld mixer (AA battery not included)
  3. Heart-shaped spoon

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