Car A/C AC Oil and Dye Injector Refrigerant Tools with Snap Quick Coupler

$ 34.99

Part name:A/C AC Oil and Dye Injector, A/C Hand Turn Oil, Dye Injector with R-134a, Oil and Dye Injector Refrigerant Tools, R134A Oil Injector

◆Instructions for use:Oil cylinder is filled with 2 ounces of refrigeration oil, check valve screwed onto cartridge and tightened. The inner and outer cylinders are tightened clockwise, and then a little 1/4 SAE threaded inner core is used to discharge a little air inside the blue tube. Connect the low-pressure port of the refrigeration system that needs to be refueled, and add the required amount of cooling oil to th inner and outer cylinders.


1)Material:aluminum alloy cylinder, rubber tube, pure copper connector

2)Tank Capacity: 1/4oz/7.5ml (Min)-2oz/60ml (Max).

3)Thread Size: 1/4″ SAE

4)Rated working pressure: 3000 psi burst / 600 psi Max. working pressure.

◆Package Includes:1Pc x 2 OZ A/C Oil and Dye Injector with R134a Snap Quick Coupler

◆Precautions:When injecting dye into a pressurized system, always wear safety glasses and glove!Never breathe refrigerant vapor!